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Since few years I'm carrying out a series of projects created exclusively with iPhone. This project, started in 2016 and still in progress, is a long journey in different stages (the last of which in 2019), a sort of intimate diary to show the peculiarities but also the cultural contrasts of a country so far from the Western imaginary.
The use of a smartphone has allowed me, without renouncing to the expressive and narrative quality, a closer approach with people, situations and places, giving me the opportunity to grasp with immediacy and lightness the everyday spirit of a people that lives the contrast between the traditional cultural aspects and those that are extremely modern.


Pictures in evidence


An ongoing project on the life of the circus artists.

Giorgio Cosulich, photographer, photographic, fotografico, workshop, documentary, photography, fotografo

Since I was a child I have always been intrigued to understand what was going on behind the scenes of a circus show, I fantasized about the kind of life that the artists led, their slackening, their relationship with animals, their moments of pause. For years I wanted to peek behind the curtain, inside their campers, in their trunks full of costumes and strange tools. I have always associated the circus with a magical world but having never had the opportunity to know a circus family, curiosity has accompanied me for years ...

Then it happens that fate plays strange jokes, inexplicably mending the tangles of your existence and filling that curiosity to which you had never been able to answer. Today life, by chance, opened a door to me on the world of the circus and I passed through it without hesitation. This is an ongoing project.


What happens if a country is forced to undergo a sudden modernization that risks to compromise the cultural and traditional aspects of its history?

Addis Ababa since a few years is undergoing a real urban and cultural revolution. This editorial project aims to show the flow of the daily life of a people invested without warning by a wave of renewal that threatens to jeopardize the cultural identity of an entire country and thus investigate the consequences generated by forced progress.

A forthcoming book will be published by 14&15.


A long journey aboard trains that run every day back and forth between the beginning and the end of individual and collective hopes.

I've traveled over 10.000 km by train in Africa, through jungles, deserts, plains, mountains and rivers, following the migratory routes of a people in perpetual motion, that every day moves in search of their destiny. A story that wants to stay away from the stereotypes of an Africa miserable and suffering, on the contrary, it wants to show the face of the common man.

These images represent a small part of the work done during years of work, during which I tried to gather the testimonies of many of the travelers that I met along the way. This project was published in 2012 by the Postcart publishing house in a book entitled "Africa Express"

Africa Express represents a long passage of hope, on board daily trains that run back and forth between the beginnings and ends of individual and collective journeys.


A visual-diary about the years spent in New York

I moved to New York in November 1995, to follow a dream and feel part of this big city. I spent 5 years in New York. At the beginning I found a job at PIER59 Studios as a fashion photographer assistant, then I started working as a freelance photojournalist for photographic agencies and American magazines. It was one of the most intense periods of my life, in search and in the continuous discovery of carefree photography, lived in a romantic way. It was one of the beautiful periods of my professional training. I lived in constant company of my camera, a black Nikon FE given to me by my father with a 24 mm wide-angle lens. My only interest was to take photographs to tell the life of the city during my long walks. No matter what or where, the only thing that mattered to me was to follow my emotions, fueling my constant desire for new discoveries.


Latest exhibitions


Rome 2019

Photographic exhibition "Japanese Imaginary, at the Doozo Gallery, Via Palermo 51/53 in Rome. From May 30 to July 30, 2019.

Photographic diary BY Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine and Giulio Napolitano dedicated to today's Japan and made entirely with iPhone, which tells an imaginary made of reminiscences, contrasts and surprises, which the two photographers capture in the spontaneity of everyday life. Armed only with a mobile phone - the means of choice of the two photographers, who for years have made the instrument's immediacy and discretion an added value for their research - camouflaged in the flow of tourists, identical in every way to the millions of others in search of a beautiful image, a souvenir photo, a fleeting visual testimony, they are confused in the crowd on the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, Kyoto.


Tokyo 2019

La mostra, esposta presso l'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo, raccoglie le immagini scatatte in varie città del Giappone da Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine e Giulio Napolitano. La peculiarità principale sta nel fatto che i due fotografi, lasciate a casa le macchine fotografiche da professionisti, hanno scattato queste immagini con i loro iPhones. Non nuovi a questo genere di esperimenti, hanno avuto un approccio da semplici viaggiatori, liberi da un atteggiamento e da un'ingombrante attrezzatura da professionisti per lasciarsi cogliere con maggior leggerezza dagli aspetti umani e culturali di un mondo totalmente diverso e nuovo, senza però rinunciare alla qualità espressiva e narrativa delle immagini stesse. La mostra costituisce la prima parte di un progetto più ampio e tutt'ora in fieri sul Giappone.

The exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo, collects images shot in various cities of Japan by Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine and Giulio Napolitano. The main peculiarity lies in the fact that the two photographers, leaving their professional cameras at home, have taken these pictures with their iPhones. Not new to this kind of experiments, they have had an approach of simple travelers, free from an attitude and cumbersome professional equipment to let themselves be grasped with greater lightness from the human and cultural aspects by a totally different and new world, without giving up to the expressive and narrative quality of the images themselves. The exhibition is the first part of a larger project still in progress on Japan.



Ed. Postcart, 2012

Photographs and Text: Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine


With a tale by Cristina Ali Fatah

Pag.136, color

Price € 30.00


I've traveled over 10.000 km by train through Africa, through jungles, deserts, plains, mountains and rivers, following the migratory routes of a people in perpetual motion, that every day moves in search of their destiny. A story that wants to stay away from the stereotypes of an Africa miserable and suffering, on the contrary, it wants to show the face of the common man.

This project took me almost 10 years (2002-2012), from the first shot until the publication of the book "Africa Express" by Postcart editions.

For more info about the book: