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A long journey aboard trains that run every day back and forth between the beginning and the end of individual and collective hopes.


I've traveled over 10.000 km by train in Africa, through jungles, deserts, plains, mountains and rivers, following the migratory routes of a people in perpetual motion, that every day moves in search of their destiny. A story that wants to stay away from the stereotypes of an Africa miserable and suffering, on the contrary, it wants to show the face of the common man.

These images represent a small part of the work done during years of work, during which I tried to gather the testimonies of many of the travelers that I met along the way. This project was published in 2012 by the Postcart publishing house in a book entitled "Africa Express"

Africa Express represents a long passage of hope, on board daily trains that run back and forth between the beginnings and ends of individual and collective journeys.


During the last twenty years the undercover migratory flux from Africa towards the European coasts has become endless and has reached such proportions, that the countries of the industrialized world are today trying to limit the worrying phenomena. African migration towards Europe represents only a part of a much larger phenomena that covers the entire continent.
For Africans, migration represents a vital need for knowledge, discovery, exchange and opportunity that translates into “hope” for a better life. Since ever, an opportunity to survive. For these reasons, during the years, some African locations, cities, villages or just simple geographic sites, have been transformed into stops along the journey of hope. Right or wrong, these places today represent a compulsory point of passage or a definite destination point.


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