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Ed. 14&15, 2018


Photographs and Texts: Various Instagram Authors


With a tale by Luca Di Fulvio

Introduction: Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine

Format: 16.8x24 cm

Pag.192, color + bw

Price € 28.00

ISBN - 978-88-94916-01-0



150 photographers from all over the world have shown their point of view on contemporary metropolis life. A fresco on dailylife in the big cities, from east to west, from north to south of the world. The project was been entirely realized through Instagram and involved 1.000 photographers who shot over 13 thousand images.


Ed. 14&15, 2018


Photographs: Various Iranian Authors

Texts: Mohammad Tolouei

Introduction: Irene Alison

Format: 16.8x24 cm

Pag.144, color + bw

Price € 24.00

ISBN - 978-88-94916-08-9

The first Instagram collective book about Iran. Almost 1000 Iranian photographers have joined the project and have produced more than 33.000 pictures, using the tag #1415iran, reflecting an incredible visual wealth and providing eye-witness accounts of life, tastes, habits, entertainment of people in Iran, and also of their work, traditions, healthcare, women, family, modernity, country life, religion, street life. A choral story told from the inside of the country.


Ed. Postcart, 2012

Photographs and Text: Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine


With a tale by Cristina Ali Fatah

Pag.136, color

Price € 30.00


I've traveled over 10.000 km by train through Africa, through jungles, deserts, plains, mountains and rivers, following the migratory routes of a people in perpetual motion, that every day moves in search of their destiny. A story that wants to stay away from the stereotypes of an Africa miserable and suffering, on the contrary, it wants to show the face of the common man.

This project took me almost 10 years (2002-2012), from the first shot until the publication of the book "Africa Express" by Postcart editions.

For more info about the book:


GENOVA/LUGLIO 2011 Cronache

Ed. Radio Popolare, 2001


Photographs: Various Authors, 150 images, 35 photographers


Format: 16,5x24,5 cm
Pag.115, color + bw

The diary of three intensive day, during the G8 summit in 2001 in Genoa, inside the street fights between no-globals and Italian police. The volume comprises also 5 audio dvd with the live radio commentary of those days.

FLORENCE  Encouter

Lonely Planet Editions, 2009


Photographs: Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine

Texts: Robert Langdon


Format: 10.5 x 15.5 cm

Pag.192, color

First Edition: January 2009


A new guide about Florence (Italy) has been just published by Lonely Planet Encounter among the books series. A short biography about me has been printed out in the first page of the new guide.



Ed. Peliti Associati


Photographs: Various Authors


Format: 23x24,5 cm
Pag.143, color + bw
ISBN: 88-85121-68-3

Sicilian landscapes in the images of 19 international photographers:Andrea Attardi, Nunzio Battaglia, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Carmelo Bongiorno, Giovanna Brogna Sonnino, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Giorgio Cosulich, Angelo Cozzo, Mario Cresci, Bruce Davidson, Libero De Cunzo, Giuseppe Leone, Roberto Koch, Melo Minnella, Angelo Pitrone, Sandro Scalia, Ferdinando Scianna, Fabio Sgroi. The book is edited and produced by Diego Mormorio.