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In 2016 the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo invited me to present an editorial project on Iran that I had launched on Instagram a few months before with the aim of gathering direct testimony from the Iranians about their country. It was an opportunity to visit for the first time a place so far and profoundly different. The only knowledge I had of Japan was related to the manga cartoons that accompanied my Italian adolescence, at the turn of the seventies and eighties, along with some reading of classical authors and stereotypes related to the homeland of the development of the most modern technologies.

During the trip I moved as a simple traveler, trying to get rid of the professional clothes and the weight of cumbersome equipment, to let me grasp lightly from the human aspects and cultural contrasts of a world totally different from mine. I took these pictures using only an iPhone, which allowed me to move easily, avoiding being classified as a photographer but not for this having to give up the expressive and narrative quality of what I wanted to tell.