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A visual-diary about the years spent in New York

I moved to New York in November 1995, to follow a dream and feel part of this big city. I spent 5 years in New York. At the beginning I found a job at PIER59 Studios as a fashion photographer assistant, then I started working as a freelance photojournalist for photographic agencies and American magazines. It was one of the most intense periods of my life, in search and in the continuous discovery of carefree photography, lived in a romantic way. It was one of the beautiful periods of my professional training. I lived in constant company of my camera, a black Nikon FE given to me by my father with a 24 mm wide-angle lens. My only interest was to take photographs to tell the life of the city during my long walks. No matter what or where, the only thing that mattered to me was to follow my emotions, fueling my constant desire for new discoveries.

This collection of photographs presents a small part of my photographic production on the streets of New York of those years.